(Open) Quest Compatible Simple/Custom Edited Avatar Commission

I’m Mista_Roy on VRChat/Cool Drink and I’m offering to get you your own custom version of a general avatar you like (it wont have any crazy custom features or toggles), I’m not doing from scratch work, I have either gotten public to use base bodies or imported my own, so basically offering to those who want an avatar but dont wanna shell out hundreds of dollars.

That up there was my very first avatar upload edit, just a simple meme for my quest fallback avatar.

Then I’ve been upgrading it and added dynamic bones to it as pictured below.

An example of the imports I’ve done are these 3 below.

And also this is an edit that I got quest able.

An example of a custom edit I did for someone already is this,

All these avatars are in my world “The room of the train” so you can see for yourself.
Every avatar I’ve done is quest compatible, might not be perfect, but its cheaper and no flat upfront fee or hourly rate, and you’ll get at least something decent to use that you like.

Message me if you’d like more details and or an avatar requested.

Discord: Mista Roy's server
VRChat: Mista_Roy

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”