[OPEN] Low-poly and High-poly Avatars from scratch! Can do furry, human, whatever you need!

Hello everyone! I’m sockpuppetkingdom, known as SPKingdom on VRChat. I’m a 3D artist who can make humanoid characters from scratch. I’ve been working in blender as a hobbyist for 8 years, and I’ve been working with character modeling and rigging in particular for 5 years. I am currently doing freelance 3D work as my sole income, so my commissions are always open.

I do commissions using PayPal invoices, but I can use alternate (non-crypto) forms of payment if PayPal is not available to you.

Can do:

-Miscellaneous humanoid (alien, object head, etc)
-Eye tracking, blinking, and lipsync
-High poly (both PC quality and Quest quality)
-Low poly (retro style)

Won’t do:

-Non-humanoid rigs
-Explicit NSFW (Suggestive designs are fine as long as you’re 18+ and the character is a non-chibi adult)

-------------------------------------------Low poly (retro style)---------------------------------------------

-Payment is fully upfront only
-Refunds on low-poly models are available up until rigging or texturing, whichever I get to first.

$100 base price
Individually modeled fingers: +$25
3D face (includes blinking and mouth movement visemes):+$25
Alternate outfits (fully modeled outfits, not just retextures): +$25 each
Dynamic bones on more than one object/limb: +$5 each (a single dynamic bone component is free)


-------------------------------------------------High poly-------------------------------------------------------

-Payment can be either half upfront/half upon completion, or it can be fully upfront.
-Refunds on high-poly models are only available during the sculpting process.

Quest quality/cross-platform (5000-20,000 polygons): $300 base
PC quality (20,000-70,000 polygons): $400 base
Dynamic bones on more than one object/limb: +$20 each (a single dynamic bone component is free)
Alternate outfits (fully modeled, not just retextures): +$75 each
Quest-optimized fallback version of PC quality avatar: +$100


My discord tag is sockpuppetkingom#8395, and my Twitter is @sp_kingdom if you prefer Twitter DM’s. Please feel free to contact me on either platform.

I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.