[OPEN] Low-poly and High-poly Avatars from scratch! Can do furry, human, whatever you need!

NOTE: Commission info and prices are subject to change. Prices on Quest and PC high-poly models have been increased since making this post. You can find the most up-to-date commission info on my carrd, at spk3d.carrd.co.

Hello everyone! I’m sockpuppetkingdom, known as SPKingdom on VRChat. I’m a 3D artist who can make humanoid characters from scratch. I’ve been working in blender as a hobbyist for 8 years, and I’ve been working with character modeling and rigging in particular for 5 years. I am currently doing freelance 3D work as my sole income, so my commissions are always open.

I do commissions using PayPal invoices, but I can use alternate (non-crypto) forms of payment if PayPal is not available to you.

Can do:

  • Furry
  • Human
  • Miscellaneous humanoid (alien, object head, etc)
  • Eye tracking, blinking, and lipsync
  • High poly (both PC quality and Quest quality)
  • Low poly (retro style)

Won’t do:

  • Explicit NSFW (suggestive designs are fine if 18+)
  • Non-humanoid bodies
  • Rigs optimized for full-body tracking (I do not have full body tracking hardware to test with currently)

-------------------------------------------Low poly (retro style)---------------------------------------------

  • Payment is fully upfront only due to fast turnaround, unless I have a backlog or you’re commissioning multiple models

  • Refunds on low-poly models are available up until rigging or texturing, whichever I get to first.

  • Base price: $100

  • Partial upfront payment minimum: $50

  • Animated 3D face: +$25

  • Individually modeled fingers: +$25

  • Alternate outfits: +$25 each

  • Extra emotes (w/o props): +$5

  • Extra emotes (w/ props): +$15

  • Dynamic bones on more than one object/limb: +$5


-------------------------------------------------High poly-------------------------------------------------------

-Payment can be either half upfront/half upon completion, or it can be fully upfront.
-Refunds on high-poly models are only available during the sculpting process.

Quest quality/cross-platform (5000-20,000 polygons): $400 base
PC quality (20,000-70,000 polygons): $500 base
Dynamic bones on more than one object/limb: +$20 each (a single dynamic bone component is free)
Alternate outfits (fully modeled, not just retextures): +$75 each
Quest-optimized fallback version of PC quality avatar: +$100 (+$50 per alternate outfit, +$10 per extra emote)
Extra emotes (w/o props): +$15 for Quest quality, +$25 for PC quality
Extra emotes (w/ props): +$25 for Quest quality, +$50 for PC quality


My discord tag is sockpuppetkingom#8395, and my Twitter is @sp_kingdom if you prefer Twitter DM’s. Please feel free to contact me on either platform.

I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.

Hey. I am looking to get 2 characters made into avatars if that’s cool. One is Fredrick, whom I would also like some personal emotes and whatnot for. I just want to know what you would need and how much you would charge (if you do). I’d also like to be able to change their outfits between maybe 2 or 3 options as well as be able to have particular items in hand and accessories added and removed at will. Here is the first one, Fredrick.

You can reach out to my Discord Adalbär#3333