[Open!] I offer high quality, from scratch avatars. Anime, cartoon, most styles I will be able to emulate

Hello! I’m Rinchou.
As stated above, I offer commissions from scratch. I can do concept work, unity work and everything in between. If you need work done on just rigging, texturing or anything else I also offer creation and/or modification on each part of the avatar creation process separately.

If you are interested in Commissioning me, please contact me through discord! I’m Rinchou#0019

Work Ethic~

I focus on tailoring to your wishes, and discussing options along the way.
I’m elaborate in my communication in order to give you every opportunity to be as involved as you want, as well as give you control over every pivotal decision. This is with the aim of achieving an end result that is as close as possible to how you imagined, for a price that you consider fair and hopefully very much worth it!

I work with a Trello board and Toggl track, I will invite you to the Trello board. There you can see which tasks I’m working on, how many hours I allocated to them, and which tasks I completed in the current week. I use Toggl Track to keep track of my hours, and time spent on task categories.


You can expect me to charge roughly 20/h an hour, with a budget ceiling decided by you. If you ask me to do additional work, or exceptionally detailed or technical work, please understand that I might have to decline or ask to raise the budget ceiling.

Rough estimates for Basic Avatars ( no additional unity work, etc )

You can expect to pay between 200-300 eur for humanoids,
and between 75-200 eur for simple non humanoid avatars.
With moderate details, expect anywhere between 300-700 eur.
For complex avatars it becomes more difficult to predict,
especially when multiple outfits come in to play it can be up to 1000 eur.

As for Unity work, currently I have experience with the following:
-Physbones + Colliders
-Visememes (Blendshape expressions)

Depending on how much additional functionality you want, anything from particle effects, toggles, multiple outfits, multiple or custom shaders, texture toggles, prop toggles, gesture visememes etc the price can increase significantly.

Links to my social accounts~

ArtStation https://www.artstation.com/rinchou
Instagram 3D Art • Traditional Art • Digital Art (@rinchou_101) • Instagram photos and videos
Fiverr https://www.fiverr.com/users/rinchou (Fairly new there)

As of the time of writing, I’ve just completed the commission showcased on this post. I will shortly post it on these socials as well

Ending note~

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”

Now that I’ve shared the important stuff, I’d like to add some things I personally enjoy. My love for VRchat primarily comes from people’s imagination, I adore to work with people that feel attached to their characters, as many of course are. The most enjoyable part for me is when I feel I’ve succeeded in making something that people feel properly I guess represented by. If you’d like me to experiment, or if perhaps you want me to make something I have no previous experience with, I might consider lowering the price in favor of the learning experience as well as the opportunity to bring more variety to my portfolio. Do keep in mind that this might extend the time I need to complete the commission, and that this primarily applies to complex or pretty unique avatars with novel features.

I’d love to hear from you! ^^

Design by Sonnet_Form

In unity

In Blender

In blender, expressions showcase.


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Coms are open again! and some more of my work attached :>