[Open!] I offer high quality, from scratch avatars. Anime, cartoon, most styles I will be able to emulate

Hello! I’m Rinchou.
As stated above, I offer commissions from scratch. I can do concept work, unity work and everything in between. If you need work done on just rigging, texturing or anything else I also offer creation and/or modification on each part of the avatar creation process separately.

Here’s a link to my portfolio: Rinchou Portfollio.pptx - Google Slides
If you are interested in Commissioning me, please contact me through discord! My handle on there is ‘rinchou’. Link: Discord
TOS: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ab0qAJICdfXnZH7VzIeiMir9kqq_ZuljFFx3RvhEHfs/edit

Work Ethic~

I focus on tailoring to your wishes, and discussing options along the way.
I’m elaborate in my communication in order to give you every opportunity to be as involved as you want, as well as give you control over every pivotal decision. This is with the aim of achieving an end result that is as close as possible to how you imagined, for a price that you consider fair and hopefully very much worth it!

I work with a Trello board and Toggl track, I will invite you to the Trello board. There you can see which tasks I’m working on, how many hours I allocated to them, and which tasks I completed in the current week. I use Toggl Track to keep track of my hours, and time spent on task categories.

As for software, I use Blender and Substance Painter. Substance Painter is used for texturing, creating materials and baking. I use blender for everything else.

I ensure any avatar will have good performance, following VRChat’s performance rating system. The one exception to this is avatars with many props and outfits, though I can make multiple versions of your avatar to circumvent this.

Pricing and Payment

You can expect me to charge roughly 20/h an hour, though this is only used as an estimation tool. The price will be agreed on beforehand, and will only increase if you ask me to do additional work.

Rough estimates for Basic Avatars

Simple: 100-400 eur
A simple avatar has minimal detail, no outfit or a very simple outfit. Most humanoids will not fall into this category.
Moderate: 300-800 eur
Most avatars fall into this category, hence it has the widest price range.
Complex: 1000+ eur
You will only really get here by either having an extremely detailed design, sculpted detail (normal/bake maps) or many parts that need to be handpainted.

I define basic avatars as a plain rigged model. they do not include toggles or any other unity work. They do however have physbones and 4 expressions. You can of course add any amount of extra outfits. props, toggles and other effects/ animations, though this will add onto the base price.

Within unity, I have experience with the following:

  • Physbones + Colliders
  • Visememes (Blendshape expressions)
  • Toggles
  • Gestures
  • FBT
  • implementing PBR materials with poiyomi shader
  • face tracking
  • material toggles

Payment for smaller commissions can be half upfront, half upon completion. For larger commissions, or if you prefer it, I offer milestone based payment. These milestones consist of 5-7 stages depending on your project, and are fairly equally spread out in time.

Links to my social accounts~

ArtStation www.artstation.com/rinchou
Instagram 3D Art • Traditional Art • Digital Art (@rinchou_101) • Instagram photos and videos
My Discord: Discord

Ending note~

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”

Now that I’ve shared the important stuff, I’d like to add some things I personally enjoy. My love for VRchat primarily comes from people’s imagination, I adore to work with people that feel attached to their characters, as most of course are. The most enjoyable part for me is when I feel I’ve succeeded in making something that people feel properly represented by.

I favor projects that challenge me, allow me to try out different art styles, or feature a novelty in some way. I’m willing to take on jobs outside of my comfort zone, if I take an interest in your project I might be willing to provide a proof of concept for free. This would be in order to show you that I am capable of creating things that have yet to be included in my portfolio.

I’d love to hear from you! ^^

Design by Sonnet_Form

In unity

In Blender

In blender, expressions showcase.


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Coms are open again! and some more of my work attached :>

Commissions have reopened!

Commissions reopened! (WIP of a personal project)