[OPEN] I make Vrchat Avatars

Hi my name is Ginseven, I make full from-scratch (non-Vroid) VRChat or VRM and Vseeface avatars from a concept art. All avatar commissions will include a .blend file and .fbx file and the textures for the avatar.
VRM commissions will include a .vrm file (or .vsfavatar if chosen).

**Starting price is 400$+ (more for more complex models)
** I will only accept one commissions at a time.
** For Vtubers model the concept art is necessary and must be original. Please make sure you have proper concept art ready for submission.
** Concept arts must contain at least full body character with sides and back views and a frontal head shot so I can get shape and proportions as close as possible.
** I do anime/flat handpainted textures. For reference you can see examples of my work at Ginseven - Sketchfab
** Commissions will be done within 1 month upon accepting them.
** I do not make mechas or furry models
** I do not make complex animations and particle animations
** Payment of 50% of the price is required at the start to make your model and the rest of the payment is due at the end of me finishing your model.
** Payment will be done though PayPal.

** In case of cancellation by you (the buyer), I do get to keep the initial 50% payment and all the rights to the model or its work in progress (not your concept art)
**In case of cancellation on my end (the creator), you will be refunded all the money and the model or its work in progress will be deleted.

I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.

Contact Info
Email: [[email protected]]
Discord: Ginseven#0169

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