[Open] Hibby3D: Seasoned 3D Artist Taking Commissions!

Some fun works I did recently :3

If there’s any slots open, sent you a request, Lenalee #6555

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Bumping this because I’ve got a couple open slots in my queue I’m looking to fill!

I’m glad I went to Hibby to commission my avatar. Hibby is extremely talented and puts a lot of effort into their work. As others said, it is pricey, but that is expected for anything to be fully scratch made. Be sure to provide a lot of references, as Hibby will go through each one to ensure complete accuracy of the avatar to match exactly how you want it. I will definitely come back to request more outfits and characters in the future. Time to save up!

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Hi! I wanted to ask before sending a request if you did sonic models at all and if you did how much would a sonic model be or would it still be around the same pricing?

Hi! Do you mean like a sonic OC type of deal? Or recreating sonic? I can do either of these, if you’d like to talk about it in more detail feel free to add me!

Request sent from Devin Bacon#6295

I sent a friends request on discord. Would like a VrChat Avatar made ^v^