[Open] Hibby3D: Seasoned 3D Artist Taking Commissions!

Some fun works I did recently :3

If there’s any slots open, sent you a request, Lenalee #6555

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Bumping this because I’ve got a couple open slots in my queue I’m looking to fill!

I’m glad I went to Hibby to commission my avatar. Hibby is extremely talented and puts a lot of effort into their work. As others said, it is pricey, but that is expected for anything to be fully scratch made. Be sure to provide a lot of references, as Hibby will go through each one to ensure complete accuracy of the avatar to match exactly how you want it. I will definitely come back to request more outfits and characters in the future. Time to save up!

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Hi! I wanted to ask before sending a request if you did sonic models at all and if you did how much would a sonic model be or would it still be around the same pricing?

Hi! Do you mean like a sonic OC type of deal? Or recreating sonic? I can do either of these, if you’d like to talk about it in more detail feel free to add me!

Request sent from Devin Bacon#6295

I sent a friends request on discord. Would like a VrChat Avatar made ^v^

Recent commission! :heart:

Hey its Oshy! Just hit you up on discord regarding a model edit if possible.

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I have sent a friend request! im Doux_ONE#0663! im curious if you do custom tv head avatars?

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Got it! I can do that :+1:

Hey, just added you on discord, want to see if you’d be interested in taking on my custom model

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I write this to convey my experience as an honest review 0/5 stars

Today I write a rather sad story

I hired an Hibby to create a avatar for vrchat
We establish the basics and gather all the references for this
An invoice gets made. I am told their “friend” said I should be charged x2 but they will do it for x1 amount (2 installments of 960 USD is what I’ll pay for this)

Well anyway I was promised a dragon character with wings and tail and visemes and all the bones for a proper full body and physics and textures. A tall athletic made biped dragon girl

This all started in august and V1 was shown off to be great. They had issues with hair and how it might clip with wings but I wasn’t worried about that

They showed a draft of the tail and wings and I have directions on how to adjust them better to my tastes.

Then communication died down some before december we removed some of the extra parts to the dragon that was within the invoice (still getting wings tails so on) instead they would give me outfits

No communication for all of December. I spoke in january. I have been waiting for this commission since august. Only to be told in January that they have to restart in their vision with total creative control. I was in the understanding they still knew what i wanted still. I agreed to see what they would make. They decided to make a dragon little girl avatar and am like this is 100% opposite of what i want? Why would I pay an artist to make what I want in general terms?
I had like only 5 boundaries they called it

3.Dragon Skin
4:Black hair and nails
5. The wings and tails I like

I started thinking they were trying to waste my time for paypal protection to expire so I told them to do it how i wanted again. They apparently also lost V1 version

Well anyway I get V2 version and its completely useless to me
Tails and wings are ugly and don’t match texture wise (also ignored my prior guidance)

I shouldn’t have to hire someone else or spend more money to get a completely useable avatar after all the changes done to me after I sent them the money

What surprised me was how fast V2 was put together when they were under some pressure yet it does not match a candle to V1. They “are unable to” give me V1 and show zero signs of wanting to “hook up an old pc” to find it.

I am seriously bothered

So if you want to commission Hibby you better only want object type and color avatar. anything more detailed and they are likely to be flaky with you as you “steal there creative control” sorry commissions are what they buyer wants dont change this after they agree pay you

So better make sure they don’t change their mind after you pay them as refunding was not an option for me they ate my paypal purchase protection window on me and cant refund me anyway

You can get kitbashed avatars with premade parts way cheaper and look alot better and are still unique enough so considered oneself advised

Hi Mochi! Thanks for the review, I take all criticism good or bad very seriously. Though in your claims you seem to have forgotten very key points in our agreements that paint me in a false light which I don’t really appreciate.

I’m honestly a bit shocked at the tone of this because I thought we were under agreement on the changes and while the terms did change to give me more creative control, you also agreed to it.

I am sorry you were dissatisfied with what you received but at the time from the updates I sent you I didn’t hear any critique or anything of the sort even after I asked for it. I’ll treat this as a learning experience from how to handle requests from now on.

Again thanks for the review, I do appreciate it! Thanks~

Some recent works!

After commissioning her to completely rebuild my vtuber avatar, I could not recommend Hibby more. The avatar looked great, and she was very receptive to changes and suggestions, and even improved the original design to make it look even better than I had expected. If you are in need of a custom avatar, then I would 100% recommend her.

Unfortunately, there were some errors with the model initially, but those errors were fixed very quickly. Additionally, Her prices are appropriate for the level of quality. Overall one of the best modelers I have worked with.

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Recent quest model!


I’ve done two projects with Hibby. One awhile ago and one more recently and I was happy with the results both times. Delivered on time, the price was appropriate for the work being done and was easy to work with.

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