[Open] Hibby3D: Seasoned 3D Artist Taking Commissions!

Hi there! My discord is Howling#9467

Got your request Howling!

Hello! I’ve sent you a friend request, I was wondering if I can get any tips in fixing an avatar I’m trying to upload that’s been giving me a lot of trouble :sweat_smile:. From NightFever#5488

Got your request! I’ll be happy to help c:

Sent friend request from Zentoria#0918.

Sent a friend request from KoJeT#0564

Hi I send you a friend request to see if you could help for the making of a model thx :blush: TonioAF#1792

@zentoria01 @kojet @TonioAF I got your requests! Thanks!

Sent a friend request from TurtleRecon#1792

Request sent from Trinity#9999

Request Sent : Turtle#4444 !

@triitrii @ocyph Thanks for your requests! Unfortunately as of this post I am not taking anymore requests in my queue until further notice! Just too many right now haha. Thanks again and keep a lookout for when I open again!

Back open to taking commissions! Only taking a few requests at the moment.

Some of my recent works while I was away busy at modeling!

My review of my experience working with Hibby with my Commission.

It was an an amazing experience being able to work alongside them while she worked on my model. She provided updates consistently, and at key design points too! And to top it off, she is very easy to talk to and has a very warm and welcoming personality~!

She churns out work really fast, but don’t let that deceive you, the work is amazing quality despite what one may assume from their speed.
They were very open to all forms of input at each stage and update, and even offered ideas of their own, more than a few of which either solidified some ideas, or gave interesting spins I hadn’t considered.

She was very fast at making the few revisions I requested, and always double checked on them after making them.

She is most definitely worth every cent she charges for her work, and I can gladly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a model and can afford it!

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New Model Available!

This was actually my first time commissioning anything online so I was certainly nervous about having it done. I do have to say that Hibby was wonderful with giving quick and consistent updates, the quality of which was very good and I don’t think I could of had a better first time commissioning than I did. The final product(s) came out very well and I can say it was worth it and can recommend anyone to get a commission from Hibby if they can afford it.

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Hullo! I sent a friend request from Marducky#7509 for a inquiry!

Hi there! Sent a friend request for a commission if there happens to be any spots left, Thanks! Oshy Woshy#7641

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@CrimsonOsha Got it!