[Open] Hibby3D: Seasoned 3D Artist Taking Commissions!

I’ve sent you a friend request! I’m Goldie#6158 .
I have a rather odd and specific order so I’d like to know if you can do it! Thank you.

@aisu915 @Frotle @ulri @goldneko Got the requests! Look forward to talking to you all!

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Sent a request! Sassy :scorpius:inxi#0724

Got it!

Sent a friend request! uGatoBeKittenMe#5598

Got it! Look forward to talking to you.

Hello i wanted to get an estimate on edit prices for my model. i have a mock up of him for review :slight_smile:

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I sent you a friend request! My user is Little Biscuit#0666

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Got it! Apologies for the late reply.

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Hii, sent FR! Prizsma#0001

FR sent from Snoogins007#9271

Hello I’m professional in vrchat Avatar model animation character 3d model furry nsfw


@prizsma @Jebus007 I got your requests!
@Jameson8904 I have not seen a request by your name.


Friends request sent from Medikat Minami#6690


Friend req sent from Nemesis#0333

@nemmysas Got your request I believe, apologies for the delay. :slight_smile:

To those who’ve been dming asking if I am active, I am! Here is some recent works. Though my space in my queue is nearly full, I am accepting a few more requests at this time. Thanks all!

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