(Open) Get your Own avatars made from Scratch here (with a slight cartoonish style)

Hello, im Xara, also known as Xara The Dragon as my Vrchat name

Do you want A Good Avatar made from scratch? which includes all the things included in the Blender and Unity work? Well you came to the right place.

I make Avatars from scratch for 400$, and more minor works for texture change or model editing for less than 200$ depending on the complexity, I make more Cartoonish or anime style Avatars, Realistic isn’t really my strong point.

I’d really appreciate it if you would hit me up for some work :slight_smile:

for more info, look at my website And message me on Discord, my Discord name is xarathedragon7690.

Website: [https://xara-avatar-commissions.carrd.co/]

My Discord Server to talk to me directly : [https://disboard.org/fr/server/1000150308233678908]

My Twitter: [https://twitter.com/Xara_The_Dragon]

My queue: [Trello]

And Finally, I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.

Here are a few Examples of my work:

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