[Open] Game/Anime Models - Starting at 60$

Hello, I’m KingTodd in VRchat and outside.
Been making models on here since Oct 2017(almost 6 years experience).

Most of you will know me by my Dragonball/Naruto/Extra Avatar World “Kami’s Lookout”

I have soo many models/commissions i’ve done over the years it will be kinda hard to post all of them(So i will post a pic of my OC spiderman And Cell as a reference and if you add me i can send more)

About my Commissions:
They start at 60-80+$: Models example: 60$=Normal/Game types of models, 80$+=more in-depth models like OC’s or Advance stuff…ect)

Will be +10$: for PC/Quest conversion: making a PC models QUEST compatible and vise versa.
(For those who want to have it on both platforms)

+5-20$: per hand animations or toggles.
(Depending on how advance, Like doing texturing for a Transformation)

+5-15$: on top For Particle Animations.
(added if you want Particle based on TOP of Hand animations, Example Sword with a particle slash will be 5+5=10$)

5-10$: For Major texture/shading updates in the future:
(if in the future i had a major change in shaders or texturing, and you want it updated it will cost)

ALL Minor things a FREE. like fixes/updates and if anything breaks on VRchat.
(please let me know, and i will fix it for you).

Everything WILL be optimized for VRchat, you will have proper Textures, Lighting/Shadows, metallics/Reflections(along with mouth movement .ect).

Payment methods ATM:
Paypal (can talk about if there is another way…ect)

You can Contact me here:
Discord: KingTodd

I hope i have answered everything to the best i can.
And will Edit what i can(not use to forums).

~Todd :grin: