(open) furry/human avatar commissions and model edits

Create 3.0 Avatar (Includes Toggles, Physbones, Textures etc.

Can add audio link if wanted will add $10 to the price.

Can add pre-rigged clothes/hair and other accessories if wanted will also add $10 to the price.

can do model edits or edit clothes will also add $20 to the price

List of things that I won’t do or you should know:

Will not re-create someone else’s avatar.

You are responsible for giving me information on what you would like to be created or give me a general idea.

You are responsible for providing assets if you want certain items on your avatar. (If these items are paid items, please make sure you purchase a commercial license for them and get permission to use them for this commission.)
^ I will ask for proof of purchase as well for these items to ensure they have been bought. ^

List of prices and rules:

Starting Base Price: $55 USD

Payments will only be accepted through cashapp.

Estimated Time: Commission will take about 1-5 days to ensure I give you the best product. (Depending on how complex your avatar/idea is may be longer, will keep you updated on the process of how your commission is going.)

Please make sure you do want a commissioned avatar, will not refund once we are in the process and have it be cancelled.

I will not be held responsible if your avatar has been ripped or leaked, please ensure you’ll be careful with your avatar or only stay around trusted associates.

I will not be held responsible if your avatar breaks from a VRChat update, if I have time to help you I will try my best but this is not guaranteed.

If you’re interested in commissioning me, please contact me on discord (it is ch3rrycan3) and fill out the appropriate details for me on what you would like on your avatar, the name, and how you would like it to be uploaded after the payment.

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