[Open] Furries from scratch! Full model, rig, and more!

Howdy!! I’m Oontzie! I’m a 3D artist who specializes in furries.

What I can absolutely do:

  • Model from scratch
  • Rig humanoid models
  • Add clothing
  • Set up visemes
  • Set up expressions
  • Set up menus
  • Create simple animations
  • Enable eye tracking
  • Import everything to VRChat
  • Movement Animations

What I can kinda do:

  • Create complex animations (dances, long animations, etc)

What I have yet to do (But willing to try!):

  • Weapons

What I can’t do:

  • Anything not furry

My prices:

Like most from-scratch modelers, lots of this varies. I start it around $880 for imported model that includes expressions and accessories. I charge extra for complexities and extra things you would want. Please only commission if you’re absolutely sure!

More info: https://oontzie.com

Here’s a few pics of my work:

I work as a first come first serve basis, but most models take about 2 weeks to complete. Your wait time will depend on how much I have in queue.

Feel free to add me on discord or DM me on twitter!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/oontzie
Discord: oontzeh#0008

I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within!


I am having a hard time adding you on discord, would it be possible for you to add me?


Thanks a bunch!

A couple of recent models!

A couple more examples!

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Quick question, I’m looking for someone to do a reskin of an existing avatar, the albur coyote 2.0 to be exact. would you be able to do that? if so, what would you quote for a fairly detailed reskin?

How long would it usually take to do a Base Rig commission?

All models take around a week to fully make. I do have a queue time though. Updating the main post to reflect new info!

Just adding a couple more examples!

Couple more pics!!

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A video of my latest model:

Unrelated to commissions, but I also just released a model for Ralsei from Deltarune, check it out :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Is this one public, needs to be paid for, or just a commission lol?

Excuse me oontzie I’m on a budget of saving for a custom VRChat avatar can we discuss on discord, Also my discord username starts with Loft

Those are commissions. I’m aiming to release some bases this year though, stay tuned :3

If I don’t have a proper reference sheet, but I do have my own sketches and ideas etc. can I commission you to make the reference sheet for the model? Or would I be better off commissioning someone else for that?

I’ve been looking at your work and I’ve been wondering if there’s been a change in prices. My current ref sheet doesn’t have a back, but there aren’t any designs on the back anyways. I was hoping that your models could also be used for vtubing as well.