[OPEN]Full Avatar from scratch(nearly any style including Anime, Cartoon, Robot, and Furry), weapons/props, modifications, conversions, texture/mesh edits, and more

I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.

Discord: Froton#2961
Twitter: https://twitter.com/theefenders
VRchat: Froton

Hey, I’m Froton I make fully functional VR avatars from scratch, including rigging, visemes, textures, and everything that comes with the full process.

I am self-studied Blender expert, and have turned several of my 3D models into VRchat avatars, as well as having done avatar commissions for others. I charge anywhere from $15 to $50 for low polys and game models converted into avatars, and $150 to $900+ for fully featured, high poly models.

Upfront payment can be anywhere from 10% to 30%. As I work on the avatar, I will submit progress shots and obj/fbx files of the WIP model will be sent for you to review.

Avatar commissions I’ve done so far:

Kanna from Master Blaster(with a few alternate outfits as well):

A major texture edit and modification for a client’s avatar:

Aside from 3 non-VRchat 3D jobs, that’s all I’ve done so far in the past year, since I was busy doing non-3D freelance works, but now I plan to go full time with 3D commissions, including VRchat avatars.

Here’s some more pics of my VRC related works:

Avatar based off a design from a manga:

He’s also a two in 1 avatar, able to switch between a human and wooden monster form.

An example of a sculpt I did of one of my OCs, I can get very detailed and replicate nearly any style you show me:

Retopology of said sculpt, with the intention of turning it into a VRchat avatar:

Weight painting for another OC avatar of mines, I will even prep the hair bones for Phys Bones.

Texture work on another OC of mines:

Posing two of my OC avatars in Blender:

A sculpt of another of my OCs:

How he looks finished(I have yet to turn him into a VR avatar):

Interestingly enough, here’s a comparison of when I tried to make him as a 3D noob vs most recent attempt:

My Low poly works, good as Fall back avatars:

A character I saw in a manga that I made a model of:

And him as an avatar:

My low poly Flying OC Dragon Avatar:

Atlas textured:

Detailed texture work:

A mid-low poly OC monke I made that I have yet to turn into an Avatar:

IN fact, I have a bunch of low poly OC avatars in various states of w.i.p. since I was busy with freelance works at the time:

I also make props such as weapons or items. My most well received being the Banan Saber.

Gave it to a low poly lobster avatar I made:

As well as the weapons you see some of my other OCs using. The video and pic below is as high poly and detailed as I can go with item making:

More weapons, variants of a sword I was making:

An OCs wooden sword:

An example of being able to turn a weapon somebody else designed into a 3D model, White’s Sword from Tower of God:

Theoretically speaking, I should be able to turn this into a VR avatar prop, complete with the wavy energy hilt, I’ll try it next weekend.

I’m an expert in Photoshop and Illustrator, which I use for making textures on my models, although it costs extra if you want detailed textures such as wood, scales, and so on, especially with getting details on an object using normal maps.

Although I do make environments in Blender, since I’ve never brought one into VRchat before, I can’t give an accurate estimate of the amount of work it would take to quote a price on that. But if you want to make a small world as my first Avatar World Commission, let me know:

I can also make effects like fireballs, although unlike everything else, I only have like a 75% success rate at making what I intended to make, so if you do commission one, I will only charge for a successfully made effect:

Lasers and beams(due to her being one of my 1st 3D models, she has a few flaws to her mesh/weight painting, I’m currently fixing her up while I wait for my next commission):

Anyways, if you are interested, contact me in any of my links to discuss details and pricing.