[OPEN] full avatar for $50 - custom animations, visemes, face expressions, changeable clothes and more!

Who am I?

Hello! I’m Gabokar “Gabok” in VRChat, I’m a rigger / Avatar maker expert. I have more than 5 years of experience at making avatars for different platforms including:

  • SecondLife (I have an in-game store, with the best avatars of all the game)

  • Video games (I have worked in several projects of actual video games)

  • VRChat (I’ve been learning EVERYTHING about VRChat avatars, and I’m proud of my work, I already have a lot of experience in this topic, so my avatars are great)

  • Animations (I sold avatars to clients with animation purposes. They’re all satisfied.)

About my VRChat avatars knowledge.

  • How to make a complete humanoid (And quad) rig from scratch!

  • How to manipulate Dynamic bones (Physbones) to add more realism to your avatars in VRChat!

  • How to make a full lip sync with a face rigging for VRChat! (Including blinks) (Both Viseme and boned)

  • How to add Eye tracking! (With custom type of movement, of your choice)

  • Custom animations, custom menus and custom props made by me! (Weapons, clothes, items and even body parts [Like the Itachi in the bottom images])

  • If needed, I can adapt the avatar to be Quest compatible ^^

And that’s just a look at my actual VRChat avatars knowledge. I have a lot of experience (5 years) at rigging avatars, making me the best choice for any video game!

(I use licensed models (from custom clients) and free ones too!)

About the commission.

  • A full VRChat avatar would cost $56.

  • An average avatar (No lip sync or custom animations) would cost $10.

Both prices include UNLIMITED REVISIONS (If you have any disagreement with the avatar, I will solve it for free. Whatever it is.)

Here you got the link of my SecondLife store:


And here are some references of my work at VRChat!


(Both models have emission mapping in the eyes, made by me, it’s basically a glow effect)

Payment information

The payment method I accept at the moment is PayPal.

There would be two payments in total, the first half before starting the project and the second half at the moment of delivery.

If you decide to order an avatar, follow through this form, If you don’t wanna fill the form you can contact me through the information provided below.

If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact me through:

My Email: [email protected]
My discord: Gabooo#4578

Have you read everything up to this point? If so, thank you very much for your time! I hope we can do a project soon ^^


  • GaboKar™

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”

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