[Open] for Avatar Commissions

Hey hey. I’m ultiMasterious. 3D Artist, working with Blender, specialize in creating avatars and do everything myself carefully and responsibly.

I’m more comfortable creating avatars using templates, drawings or 3d sculpture(for retopology).

What am I doing specifically:

  • Manual Meshing or Remeshing (clean meshes)
  • Rigging
  • Animating
  • Blendshapes (Visemes, blinking)
  • UV unwrapping
  • Texturing: Diffuse, AO, Normal map, Alpha, Metallic, etc.

What 3D model styles am I creating:

  • Cartoon style
  • Anime / Chibi
  • Realistic
  • Pixelized
  • Abstract / Minimalist

What I create:

  • Full avatar $300-1000 (humanoid, semihumanoid, furry, robots)
  • Body parts $100-500 (arms, torso, face, head, etc.)
  • Hair $100-500
  • Clothes, hats, shoe, accessories $100-300

VRChat name: ultiMasterious
discord: ultiMasterious#6048
twitter: https://twitter.com/ultiMasterious

Here are several ready-made parts that I created myself and can use for the project. Over time there will be more of them.

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Hello I see you are good at making non humanoid characters I have a bit of an odd request. I have a model already, Its an asset from Dota 2 you can get it freely from one of valves Sites I can link it to you of course. I cant seem to resolve making the avatar function properly in game as his body is rather strange looking. I was hoping that you could configure the model so that it works to my specifications. As I simply cant make this work as it stands and I am completely unskilled at rigging or whatever it might require to make his bone structure work. Essentially I dont need you to make any custom assets only to take an existing model and make it work as per my preferences. Id prefer him to move as close to as he does in game and if it requires extra work we can negotiate that as it comes. If you have a discord id prefer we communicate through there

Good day sir or ma’am! I will need to familiar myself the Steam Subscriber Agreement, the Steam and Valve EULA, Terms of Service and Copyright.
In the meantime, I want to ask a few questions to clarify the details and make a specification.
Contact me via discord: ultiMasterious#6048 or twitter please.

I sent friendship request KING|Furry Emo#8653

Can you make this Nightout|253x500
Pls for Vrchat after done can you send the link to me? make the animations seem like the thing is broken u don’t have too

Hi! is this still open? if so i have a commission. my username is Spring-Hybrid#9537 on discord!

Yes, I’m open for commission.
Sorry, but I have not received any messages or requests from a user with that name.