[OPEN] Custom Avatar Edits & Optimization

Hello! I’m Slvr99 from VRChat and all over the internet, and I am finally offering up my avatar creation/optimization services to the public.

A Little About Me

I have been playing VRChat for over a year now and have over 2500 hours in it. I am an aspiring game developer with knowledge from a lot of actual game developers about Unity and game assets in general. I’ve been using Unity for 8+ years, even before VRChat, and have worked on a ton of small projects including a full game in Unity (unfinished). I’ve been using Blender for about half of the time I have Unity but I understand it very well and can do some advanced stuff in it, including weight painting and Texture UVing. I do very professional-level optimization work as well.

What I Can Do

  • Custom Avatars from parts or existing bases
  • Custom Texturing
  • Custom Gestures
  • Outfit Edits
  • Custom Basic Objects From Scratch (Such as lightsticks, headphones, etc. lower poly models)
  • Toggles and Effects such as color changing textures, particle effects, etc.
  • Pro-Level Stat Optimization on avatars (depending on the stats of your avatar, I can almost always make an avatar Medium or better)
  • Optimizations to download and asset sizes
  • Asset Cleanup
  • Avatar SDK Conversions (SDK2 to SDK3)
  • Quest versions (Including optimizing for Quest)

I do not do from-scratch avatars! I only edit/part together avatars. Prices can range anywhere from minimum $15 up to $100+ depending on what you want done on an avatar.

Examples of my work:

Before and after picture for an avatar I optimized and edited a custom outfit for

Before and after picture for an avatar I optimized from Poor to Good, made Quest compatible, and added color changing emissions on various parts as well as texture toggles.

My personal avatar I use in dance worlds. Edited from a public model and optimized to Good with many togglables and color changing parts. The avatar itself is 1 singular material.

Here is a link to my Google Drive folder containing more examples of my previous avatar work. I’ve done over 50 avatars for other people and have done many for myself as well.

My Discord name is Slvr99#8623. Feel free to add me if you’re interested! Please let me know that you added me for a commission so I know who you are.

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”

+Rep, user assisted me and contacted me multiple times to ensure the avatar I requested to be edited was liked by me, easily one of the chillest dudes I’ve seen.