(Open) Cool Drink World Commission

I’m Mista_Roy on VRChat/Cool Drink and I’m a new world maker that works very hard and has uploaded consistently every week for the last 10 weeks as of this post, I’m bringing more higher quality worlds of all types with latest features, i of course create my own stuff and do purchase things online too in order to expedite the world making at times of need, check out my world “The room of the train” to see all my worlds in order of creation, but here’s some images of each world.

“The room of the train”

“Never Have I Ever+”

“Midnight Streets”

“The Cool Club”

“The Indigo”

“Cool Manor”

“The Steaming Tommy” (Commissioned)

“VRChat Monopoly By Cool Drink”

“Mario Party By Cool Drink”

“The Black Bunny” (Commissioned)

“Horror Map With Story” (Commissioned)

“Pleasure Palace” (Commissioned, created and paid for, but commissioner no longer wanted the world and told me to take it down)

“The Pretty Cool Club”

i’m not looking for this to be a job, so i’m more flexible about pricing and work more with a budget, however much you’re able to put in, i make sure to give value x10 of that. no hourly price.

i’ve done 5 commissions so far and have 3 more i’m planning with currently, 3 commissions that are up and public “Horror Map With Story”, “The Steaming Tommy” and “The Black Bunny”. another commission was me teaching world making to someone (they’ve become pretty good now and have multiple worlds of their own too. VRChat - Home ) and the 5th was a world a person no longer wanted anymore after having it made.

You can see here how those have been paid for https://ko-fi.com/cooldrink

You can message me from my server or in VRChat.

Discord: Mista Roy's server

VRChat: Mista_Roy

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”

Here’s what my 1st world commissioner had to say. (some reason they couldnt post here and just left it in my server)

unknown (4)


I definitely recommend Cool Drink! He was very helpful and had great communication when working with me. He was able to add in all these cool features to my Black Bunny club and I love it!

10/10 would commission again!