[OPEN] COMPLETE AVATAR FOR $90 VRCHAT - custom animations, visemes, face expressions, changeable clothes and more! (REVIEWS BELOW)

Hello Guppy! Hope you’re doing good today ^^

Thank you so much for your review, I’ll be more than pleased to work with you again!

Have a nice day ^^

Greetings !

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Hello, I am looking into commissioning a from scratch vrchat model based on my vtuber, is it possible you could message me on Twitter or Discord so I can show what I am thinking for the model and get a quote from you?

My Discord is Kit Haruki#0611 and my Twitter is @KitHaruki

Hello Kit_Haruki!

Hope you’re doing good today ^^ I just sent a discord request.

Thank you for contacting me ! Have a nice day :grin:

Amazing work! I had a custom project built from scratch and loved it, I got exactly what I wanted.
Will definitely come back again!


Hello HollowGutz!

Hope you’re doing good today ^^

Thank you so much for your words ! I’ll be more than pleased to work with you again !

Have a nice day :grin:

shoutout to Gabokar for making my vtuber/vrchat avatar for me and figuring out why it wasnt working with vseeface and fixing it! I’m in love with it and I cant wait to use it officially soon!

Hello AJMVR! Hope you’re doing good today ^^

Thank you so much for your feedback ! If you ever need anything don’t hesitate to ask me ! :grin:

heyo i was wondering if you are available for a commission

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Hello Blueknight ! Hope you’re doing good today ^^

Please contact me:

Email: [email protected]
Discord: Gabooo#4578

i just sent you an email


Got the email, I already replied to you !

Have a nice day ! ^^

Hello there, do you do rigging for face and eye tracking? I have an existing avatar that I’d like to add eye and face tracking to.

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Hello BaconAndEggz!

Hope you’re doing good todat ^^

I’d LOVE to help you with your request, but I’m only taking commissions for scratch avatars at the moment ! My apologies for the delay.

Have a nice day ! ^^

Hey BaconAndEggz, how are you doing?

I could help you to do the face and eye tracking, if you still need someone to do it for you?

Here is my discord username: esman_emmydon024

Good luck ! ^^

Hello, would it be possible for you to rig an existing blender model, and if so, how much would you charge?

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Hello LinxLupus !

Hope you’re doing good today ^^

Please contact me to my discord: gabooo

Have a nice day !

It’s been over a month and a half if not two months since I paid, and there’s been no updates, no wips, no communication, just absolute radio silence.

I consider this money lost and urge anyone reading this to keep theirs.

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If you’re still looking for someone to commission? Yeah I can help you make an avatar. all you have to do is to pm me via discord: mancor806

The issue with this person was sorted!

Greetings ! ^^