[Open Commissions] I will turn your character into 3D Avatar

Ello o/
I am opening commissions for making your character sheets into 3D Avatar
or if you want me to make your character from stracht feel free to contact me

make sure you contact me if you have any questions
and tell me whether you want the character quest compatible or not

you can contact me

or Discords
[there is update username in discord]

discord name :

my vrchat name

what can i do?

+i can turn your character sheets either front only or with full character sheets
the better the character sheets the better the result

+You will get your 3d character as close as the reference you provide

+I prefer working on anime-looking characters, especially the cute one

Do or not do

i can make

i cant make
+old people

You’l get

+3D character made using blender from scratch

  • 5 Expressions / Shapekey

+Costum Toggle Expressions

  • Fbx, Vrm File

+Simple Rig

+Dynamic or psychic bones

+simple psychic


+the price starts at 230$ [depends on the complexity]
up the price cause increased Tax by my GOVERMENT [previous base price 210$]

+10$ for extra expressions

+2x base price for commercial use

Thank you for your support
i got my own vr headset quest 2 with full body tracking :purple_heart:
Goal achieve at 18 March 2023 :crown:

My works

Uploading: ak1.jpg…

I mostly make characters for Vtubing soo here is some video sample

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up my latest commissions works model are below 15k poly

while posting my latest commissions
everything as close as ref provided~
10k poly optimized for quest

My latest Commissions works!
the price inscread cause new govement Tax meh…

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recent commissions works


latest commissions and works

bumping latest work

bumping while posting my latest commissions
the model has 6500k poly quest compatible


latest commissions works for both vtubing/vrchat

up commissions work, quest avatar



commish reopen

Quadruped avatar

Ello o/
Do you have discord?
We can discust futher on discord or twitter
Heres my discord

Hello, if your commissions are still open, I would like an avatar made please

pls do dm me at my discord [dukemof#4624] or twitter

When I tried to dm you it did not let me

up from the cooms i work with, quest compatible

an update for my latest commissions works, feel free to dm me for more cooms just to get the slot [even its full who know… hey its better to try than not contacting and miss the chance!]

up cooms works