[Open] Commissions Avatars: SDK 3.0

Hello, My nickname is OXOOO and I make commissions avatars.

I have been playing VRChat since 2018 and during this time I have made more than 600+ avatars.

Programs I use to create avatars:
Unity (Latest for now for VRChat).
Blender (ver 2.93).
Paint․NET (Editing textures, working with layers).
Wavosaur (Editing and looping music for endless playback in VRChat).

I have extensive experience in converting XPS, MMD models:

  • I can:
  • Optimize Model (Work with Mesh, Polygons, Materials, Bones, UV)
  • Make Model Alive (Lip Sync, Blink, Eye Tracking)
  • Editing weights for VRCHAT Humanoid Avatar
  • Creating Bones (Creating Humanoid Bones with Mixamo + My Weights Fix)

Abilities for your avatar that you can expect:

  • Setting the default avatar descriptor (Lyp Sync, Eye Tracking, Blinks, Animators)
  • Enable/Disable GameObjects
  • Create bone or cloth dynamics
  • Create Particle System
  • Creating and synchronizing animations with animators
    (as an example of synchronizing the Action and FX of the animator)
  • Creating hand animations (as an example, squeezing an object in hand)
  • Creating Sequential Animations Through Parameters
  • Ability to attach an object to the world
  • Animation of the body (as an example, create an Idle pose for Crouch or Prone position)

I Work Only with SDK3:
I can create a convenient menu for your avatar:

  • Create menu and submenu with preview images
  • Create a huge number of menus to navigate
  • Create buttons and switches without errors and intersections
  • Create Float animations (As an example, color change with wheel)

I don’t have VR helmet, but I’m working and optimizing avatars for Quest.
I can also optimize the avatar specifically for fallback.

I have 2 public worlds with my avatars:

Current (Still working on it): VRChat - Home

OLD (100 Avatars): VRChat - Home

If you have thought about your future avatar, knock on Discord: OXOOO#9766

Frequent avatar prices start at $25+