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Hello friends, I’m Esman by name a graphics designer/modder with many years of experience, I have been studying creation of different kinds of games mod for years now and am proudly to announce my performance in anything related to Skyrim and vrchat avatar creation.

  🎮 What I Offer 🎮 ✅ Custom VRChat Avatars: Transform your vision into reality! I'll design and create avatars that reflect your style, personality, or character concept. ✅ Rigging & Animation:  consistent avatar movement and animations to enhance your VRChat experience. ✅ Optimization: Ensuring your avatar performs flawlessly in VRChat while looking stunning. ✅ Friendly Support: I'm here to listen to your ideas and provide guidance throughout the process.

  👨‍💻 How It Works 👩‍💻 1️⃣ Contact me with your vision, references, and requirements. 2️⃣ We'll discuss details, timelines, and pricing. 3️⃣ I'll bring your avatar to life and provide updates along the way. 4️⃣ You receive your high-quality VRChat-ready avatar!

  Make you unique racemenu setup for skyrim le, se, custom skyrim model, animation

I provide a wide variety of Skyrim-related services.

  I offer a variety of services, including:

• Creating new weapons and armor •Adding new spells and abilities •Modifying existing quests and dungeons Creating new followers and NPCs •Improving the graphics and performance of your game

  Your Skyrim character will have a unique racemenu setup created by me. I collaborate with SE and LE. The level of detail will depend on the bundle and the installed mods. For the premium bundle, Charmers of the Reach are necessary.

  I'm a skilled Skyrim modder with an unequaled passion for producing the ultimate modding environment. I have expertise transforming Skyrim into a show-stopping game with upgraded aesthetics, enhanced interactive features, and increased material that is all customized to your own preferences.

  Contact me on discord for more details and explanation:

Discord Username: esman_emmydon024

hello im interested in your commissions, i had a few questions

You can send me friend request through my discord

Discord Username: esman_emmydon024

sent request