[OPEN] Avatar Edits - mesh, rigging, fallbacks, animations, textures, etc

I’m leaf_26. According to my vrc friends I’m more than good enough to start accepting commissions for avatar and model edits so here I am.

My day job is software engineering. I specialize in intricate details and optimization.

I’ve avoided several automation tools and the rules they abide by in order to develop my skills. I can fix some seemingly impossible problems, at a time cost. Come to me with goals that you don’t know how to complete with simple tools or plugins, and I’ll get it done.

I don’t like to create models from scratch if I don’t have to. I’m an engineer not an architect.

I’ve done sculpting, vertex modeling (mostly editing), bone/armature editing, rigging full models/bodies from a base mesh, weight painting, visemes & custom blendshapes, bone/blendshape animations, piecewise decimation, quad remeshing & remodeling, UV mapping/edits/texturing, selective texture atlasing and material merging by-hand, some neat shader effects, loads of contact based animations, and probably some assorted bits that I don’t remember.

here’s my favorite avatar edit, which involved new clothing, custom rigging, retexturing, decimation, material merging, decals, new shader effects, new blendshapes, etc., to produce a more detailed, more efficient avatar as a personal fallback

among other things, the hair uses a moire pattern on the pc side, which reminds me of the CRT TVs from my childhood.

I’ve applied similar changes and personalized textures to the female variant -


but you’ll usually find me in a modified slugcat avatar (also fallback compatible), using some shader effects I put together for quest and PC

You can contact me at @leaf26 on discord to ask for a commission.

Price is hard to guess without knowing ahead of time what you’ll need, so I’ll give an estimate based on the starting point and specifications.

Generally I’ll charge by time, focus, and skill requirements, e.g. $10 to add a basic decal or effect and toggle, $20-80 to sculpt, edit, and rig a new clothing item or other mesh depending on number and proximity of bones (hands are harder than shirts), or $200+ to completely remesh and re-rig an avatar.

I can do nsfw content and tps setup (including blendshapes and rigging) but it breaks my wholesome demeanor so I will charge more.

I will not upload for you. I’ll give you an updated model or unitypackage so you can have the rights to your own avatar.

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”

Hey there, I’m looking for someone who is willing to import a League Model to VR Chat.

How much are you charging for it?


depends on the model and expected outcome, e.g. Malphite is just a moving rock (no physics), but ahri has a humanoid figure plus long hair, ears, and nine tails.

There’s also the “I’ve played this before” factor, where I’ll have an easier time with some models simply because I remember how they’re supposed to look and move.

assuming it would need mesh edits for cleaner motion at a closer viewpoint, new/updated rigging for humanoid tracking, visemes, texture/material/shader setup, avatar descriptor, and menus, anywhere from $200 to 2000.

Can you make me a Rusty Rose avatar from Sonic Prime please?

what’s your budget?