Omni-Action & Pokeyi's UdonSharp Behaviours

I thought I’d share some assorted UdonSharp projects I’ve been working on for the past few months, and this looked like a good place for that. Developing these has been a great introduction to Unity and VRChat creation for me, and I hope they can be useful in saving a lot of time and headaches for others creating world content or looking to learn as well.

Omni-Action has been the primary focus and is probably the most widely relevant, with the others being smaller tools with more specific use cases. They are all open-source under the MIT license on GitHub, you can find the Unity Package releases there which also include some example prefabs. I’ll keep this thread updated as I continue to develop more. Suggestions are welcome!

Find each project’s GitHub repository below. Releases containing the Unity Packages will be on the right. You can click on the disk icon for a direct link to the relevant code.

Change Log / New Releases

02/15/22 - Surface Slide - v1.0.0 - New Release

  • Translate game objects’ parent rotations into lateral movement.

01/03/22 - Omni-Action - v1.1.5

  • Added On Player Respawn action.
  • Added _ReInit public method/event to optionally reset certain sequences (toggle and teleport) to their original index-0 state as well as reset the stopwatch without triggering an action.
  • Stopwatch text now outputs in more appropriate 00:00:00 format.
  • Added a log warning if event array size fields do not match.
  • Included new Omni-Relay behaviour with a couple of useful methods to call via event actions. This will be added to over time but you can easily add your own in here to avoid the clutter of multiple scripts.

12/25/21 - Assorted Updates

  • (v1.1.0) Omni-Action has a much friendlier drop-down function selector thanks to @Vowgan who contributed the editor code.
  • (v1.1.0) FloaterSync can now positionally animate objects on any axes, with an added option whether or not to match parent-object height. This enables more potential use cases for things like moving jumping platforms.
  • Moving this post to Releases instead of Showcase because it seems more appropriate there.

:floppy_disk: VRC-Omni-Action

Multi-purpose user-action/event and function-handling component for VRChat.

Can be used for a growing multitude of VRChat world interactions and game-logic functions.

:floppy_disk: VRC-Floater-Sync

UTC-synced bobbing and rocking motion for floating objects in VRChat.

Manage synced bobbing and rocking motions for multiple floating game objects simultaneously synchronized to all players without networking.


:floppy_disk: VRC-Surface-Slide

Surface sliding object controller for VRChat.

Translate game objects’ parent rotations into lateral movement.


:floppy_disk: VRC-Haptics-Profile

Controller haptics profile for VRChat.

Custom-tailor controller vibration presets to be placed in your scene with additional options for distance-based culling and amplitude-falloff.


:floppy_disk: VRC-Animation-Sync

UTC animation sync for VRChat.

Easily sync animations for all players without networking.


:floppy_disk: VRC-Object-Spawner

Network-synced object spawner & controller for VRChat.

Spawn and manage movement of multiple objects simultaneously synchronized to all players.


:floppy_disk: VRC-Player-Tracking

Local player body-part tracking for VRChat.

Track specific player avatar body parts and bones as well as smoothly attach game objects to those positions.


:floppy_disk: VRC-Raycast-Laser

Raycast laser renderer and point-plotter for VRChat.

Raycast a visual line-rendered laser with optional reflective properties and point-plotting for collision-detection objects.