Object Waypoint to waypoint movement?

Sorry this may be a stupid question but:
I have been working on a VR-Chat world for a while now. I was getting into C# coding and then I found out I had to use Udon… I’m not sure how it works tho.

I have tried to make a script (in udon), that would make an object go from waypoint A to waypoint B. Tho it seams i can’t figur out how to make it move correctly.

Anyone here that knows how you correctly make an object “slide” from A to B and back?
here is a imgur link to my current graph: https://imgur.com/wJrgD4X
I made it work in C# but not this :frowning:

Thanks in advance and Sorry for my bad grammar.

You could use a NavMesh Agent which also works in udon.


You also don’t have to use the graph editor I personally find UdonSharp easier.

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Thanks for the quick answers! :smiley:
I will give these a look- Properly also worth mentioning that im making a “train” so it’s an object that needs to be able to carry players.

Then you have to move all players the same way as the train + relatively from the position in the train.

Network actions via VRC take approximately 1s. I suppose it will be easier to move the world outside the train.

But I am also relatively new to udon and I am curious what you can do or what kind of problems you will encounter. Good luck and don’t let yourself get down. :smile::+1:

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Well I got it to “jitter”

Now it seams to move towards the target position for a split second, but then get’s reset every frame (I have tried changing the “update event” to “Start event”.

If anyone has an idear to make it move I’m up for it.

Got it!
Found out how to make the train move from A to B.
here is the graph:

Hope anyone else can use it too! :smiley: