Object loop animation in worlds not working

Hi there, I am presently trying to make a VRC world. First attempt.

However I am faced with a problem where in unity, I am able to see my object loop animate in the play test mode, But when I build and run it in vrc, the objects are not moving.

Could I check if anyone has any idea what could have been wrong.


Do let me know if you need me to screenshot or check any other info.

Thanks so much in advance!

The animation clip you are trying to use is marked as Legacy and legacy animation clips are not allowed in VRChat.

Simply click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of the Inspector window and enable Debug mode and tick off “Legacy”:



Also one thing to note is that Animation and Animator components essentially do the same thing in this case and you should only choose one of them for playing the animation clip.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Hi,

Thanks so much for getting back to me.

I did try turning off the legacy but what happened was it stopped moving in unity gameplay itself and was also not moving in vrchat.

I attempted to redo the animation from scratch, both animation and animator method, but it didn’t seem to work.

Could I check if there is any other things I could possible have missed out on.

Thanks so much.

When I tried replicating the situation on my end, one thing I noticed was that whenever legacy animation clip was found inside an animator controller, it removes the animation clip from the state itself and it has to be re-assigned manually.

Could you make sure that the following are correct:

1) The GameObject has the Animator component on it and the “Controller” field points to a valid animator controller

2) When the GameObject is selected, you should be able to preview the animation and make sure that it’s targeting the correct parameters

3) Make sure the animator controller attached to the GameObject has the animation state set as the layer default state and the animation is correctly assigned in the “Motion” field:

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Thanks so much! Managed to pinpoint the problem at step 2.

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