Object Based Advanced Dissolve Shader - Amplify Editable

I’ve made a shader thats editable in amplify.
It allows dissolving with ramp support, patterns, directional, pattern movement, time variables, rainbow colors, inverts, fresnel, world based dissolve direction and probably some things i am forgetting right now! Can be edited using amplify shader editor.

You can visit my world for a direct look:

Get the shader here:

Also feel free to post about and show what you did with my shader, how you edited it or whatever else you did with it.

Feel free to write me on discord too (ill help if you have issues): https://discord.gg/bDWEYUw


Cool! You should consider putting the code into a GitHub repo at some point-- a lot easier to track releases and updates that way.

Here it is: https://github.com/floofytsuna/tsuna-prefabs-shaders