NyanVentory - Inventory System - WIP

You know what any good RPG world needs? An inventory system! So here I am trying to put things together and make it work and surprisingly it does:

Current progress


  • Open/close inventory
  • Store objects (duh)
  • Take out objects (2x duh)
  • Change button text to the item name


  • Item Sync
  • Better UI
  • Sticking inventory to hip bone
  • Improving code (Instantiate clone doesn’t work yet)

Excellent start! Are you able to share some of your code and/or graphs?

I will fix the sync issue and share the project soon

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I mean what a good rpg world really needs is some sort of persistent game state so you don’t have to finish the entire thing in one sitting and hope you never crash haha

This looks pretty slick though, I particularly like your method for putting items into the inventory


Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about someone crashing since there’s no world storage :sweat_smile:
But if you’re with a friend in a world and you crash, the inventory will stay the same. Unless both of you crash :upside_down_face:

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did you ever shared the inventory system <3 ? i could really use it for the world im working in