Nothing shows in the Builder option for VRChat SDK?

So I was doing the auto fix stuff for the avatar and I guess I pressed something because now nothing will show up? What did I do wrong and is there any way to undo it?

I’m very new to this subject and want to try to upload avatars and I really don’t want this bump in the road…

I’ve been working for hours and from scratch and I really hope I get a reply soon…

If you answer I ask of you simplify it because I have a hard time understanding things. Thank you^^

This can happen if your Avatar is missing an Animator component, make sure there is one on your Avatar.

Thanks! I found that out and was able to load up my avatar however…it’s missing movement physics in all parts of its body. Any way to fix that? It’s literally stuck in a t pose formation :sweat:

You most likely did not set your Avatar as Humanoid in your model import settings.

Thanks again! I’ll be sure to check that out if I remember/have the time!