I was wondering if it is at all possible to place the camera such, that you can see your avatar nose/snout? Does VRChat automatically disable the head mesh for first person view? IF so, can this be deactivated?

VRChat shrinks the head locally to something like 0.000001 so you can’t see the head or anything attached to it on your end but everyone else sees the avatar as normal.

To most users being able to see an avatars nose, head, etc while you were using it would be more of an annoyance if anything. However there are ways to get around this for example you can make it so objects you want to appear in your view are not attached to the head, at least directly. You could likely use Unity constraints to “parent” stuff to the head without actually attaching it to the head, this way the object follows the head as if it were actually attached but it won’t shrink but this seems fairly impractical to do for just your nose.

So you mean something like placing a copy of the head to the neck and have it occupy the same space? Would that move and animate in the same way the head would or would it look strange to others?

Not sure if it would look odd as this isn’t exactly common for people to do, as I said earlier most people don’t do this as it would be annoying to most to see parts of your avatar like that. But if you made a copy of your entire head to have visible in your viewpoint you may see the inside of your avatars head / face or even parts of the hair.

The idea behind it would be to place that head in such a way that the cameras would look more or less directly out of the eyesockets in order for you to not see the inside of the mockup head

hmm, making a full on copy of the head for this doesn’t seem too practical as this mockup head likely won’t move correctly with the neck.

This may sound odd but this may seem more practical. Chop off a copy of the specific part you want to have visible in your view, line it up with the position of the avatars actual nose so that it looks seamless, then either attach it to the top most gameobject of your avatar so that it is a child of that object or the armature, and then use a parent constraint to lock it in place with the head. This may work as the parent constraint doesn’t care if the object has been scaled down, even to really low values and has a fairly minimal performance impact.

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First off, I think most people would dislike the idea of having it in their view all the time, but if you really wanted to, you could try something like this:

In blender, duplicate the head bone. (Let’s call it Head2)
Copy weights from the Head vertex group to Head2 for the nose.
Remove weights from Head for the nose.
In unity, add a parent constraint for the Head2 bone with the Head bone as the target.

If done properly, it shouldn’t be noticable, but only Head will be shrunk down, while Head2 should stay normal size and in-view. Since Head2 is constrained to Head, it shouldn’t be noticeable since the weights for the pair of bones should be the same as it was for Head

Hopefully that makes sense. I’ve never tried this myself, just the first thing that comes to mind.