No AssetBundle has been set for this build

This is my first ever time using Unity. I recently bought a VrChat avatar off gumroad and I have followed numerous avatar uploading yt videos for unity but I keep receiving this error when I try to publish. I have looked at numerous forums trying to follow them but I really dont understand some of the instructions. Any help???

Error on console:

Where it directs me:

VrChat SDK Panel:

This may help answer your question:

I’ve checked that forum out already (aswell as reply and reach help there) but I dont understand what they are referring to or where to look. Again im super new to unity

Gotcha. could you take a screenshot of your full project or at least the hierarchy?

Here is the hieracrchy, and the full project?? well here are the assest files I was told to upload when I bought the avatars.

If the avatar requires dynamic bones, you need to import that asset… this package is straight from the unity asset store and is $20 for the license.

I need assistance on this also.