"No assetbundle has been set for this build"

been getting this error with the avatar ive been trying to upload (along with another avatar)

That’s not an error. Errors will be red.

sorry, warning. it gives me this warning whenever i try to upload though, do you know how to fix it?

Did you ask the SDK panel to build and publish, or did you ask unity editor itself to generate a build?

That is a post where a user claims they solved this sort of error by removing missing scripts. If it is a valid solution, there will usually be other messages on the console complaining about missing scripts.

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I asked my SDK to create a test build, but i didnt try the FACS utilities yet because im not sure how to add it in (i dont know which link to use in order to add it into the packages)

these were the warnings and errors (24 errors, 1 warning) if it helps

Ah, Dynamic Bones.

The errors all being related to parts of the body is a good hint, and the “DBCollider” in the names of things just gives it away.

Basically the first 23 errors are causing the 1 warning and the last error.

There are other threads discussing Dynamic Bones and their out-dated-ness so. More recent VRChat avatars use a newer system called Physbones

https://github.com/VRLabs/Dynamic-Bones-Stub/releases The unitypackage on this page is stubs, just enough code to make the Unity editor not complain about missing scripts. You might want to look into conversion to physbones.


Personally I’ll create duplicate scenes to mess with avatars. So I can delete the bones on one copy, and still go back to the unmodified one. Duplicate the scene, load the copy, unpack the prefab.

This is the icon for a packed prefab in the hierarchy

But yeah, in summary, either add the stubs, or remove the dynamic bones will allow you to compile that avatar.

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Thanks for the advice! i had the SDK transform the dynamicbones to physbones in the upload menu and then afterwards uploaded it as a test avatar, (not sure how i missed it earlier) and it seemed to have done the trick.