Newly Made Avatar's Face Always Faces Right

oh no bug
So, I’ve finally managed to get my avatar visible, only that whenever I upload it, the face of my avatar’s on the face to the right of where it should be [I know it’s to the left according to the picture, but I was facing a mirror for the shot] I tried having the armature of the cube face other directions, and to turn the cub itself other directions, but they didn’t do much luck.

Is the avatar just the cube? If so, try adding an empty game object to the scene and put your VRC_AvatarDescriptor on that instead. Then move the cube into that new game object.

The SDK doesn’t like it when you upload an avatar that has been rotated, but will respect the rotation of child objects.

Yep, it’s just the cube (Only 332 polygons!), and now that I’ve done that, I’ll run VRChat and see if it works.

UPDATE: It did! …none of my given animations play on my avatar, though, but this isn’t a new problem, it wasn’t animating as early as when I managed to hget the thing visible in the first place.

cube animate thing 1
This is what I’m using for my animator, which I placed at the top of my avatar’s hierarchy.

And this is what I’m using for my animations. Hop and Sidestep are 28 keyframes, Stand is only one.

Yeah, generic avatars are super limited.

Can’t use gesture/emote overrides, visemes, or sit in chairs. You also can only have three animations for movement overrides. Walk, Idle, and Airborne. Currently they’re bugged and will play the Airborne animation instead of Walk.

If you want to get gesture overrides working, you can throw in a blank humanoid skeleton that’s not weight painted to anything, then put the cube alongside it. You’ll notice a bit of weird wobbling/drift, but you’ll be able to do overrides.

You’ll probably need to update your animations if the armature/names change.

If you already have a humanoid armature for the cube, make sure that it’s mapped as humanoid in Unity by checking the FBX file under the Rig tab.

I’ll probably just wait for the animation bug-thing to be fixed, then.
Or for generic avatars to be able to support more complex stuff, for that matter.
In the meantime, I’ll just keep my avatar as-is.