New to udon would love some help

Hi there im making a home world (first time making one) i have my world all set (just missing proper lighting) but the thing i wanna do is add some games into the world, i already have the prefab for harry’s Pool table (all working) but i also want to add games like beer pong and card games that go on a dining room table.

What i need help with is being able to make it so the dining room table is always there, the games like beer pong and cards spawn on the table BUT the pool table replaces the dining room table and visa versa. If theres anyone who can help with this that would be awesome.

Also not sure if this has anything to do with udon but the url player i have in my world is a bit odd, i can hear it my end on desktop and so can everyone else who joins, but if im in vr in the only one who can’t hear it (have tried different instances and urls but all the same)