Network synched toggle (global)

This is what i believe to be a solid solution to the toggle issue people been having, enjoy.
Simple one object toggle.

More advanced multiple object toggle (not much difference).

Basically what is going on is that i assert the intended behaviour by the network call it self (on or off).
And the synched variable is only used to help late joiners.
This prevents the issue with having 2 network calls made at same time and those being recieved out of synched order.
And since the targeted Udon is this/self it can be used for a unlimited number of buttons/triggers in a world.

Note: If you do not want it to trigger when a collider/game_object hits it, simply remove the “On Collision Enter” and use only “Interact”.

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Is there a way to make it so it toggles animators (or is it better to toggle clips instead of animators) for multiple objects instead of gameObjects? Im trying to turn on the animation for multiple Club Moving dance lights.

How would you go about doing this but with animation toggle, like doors for example?