Needing help with Creating a Random range teleport event with always 1 teleport spawn constantly being used

So, i already had quite some useful information of a different post that i had found not that long ago. Regarding Random spawns & (UI) Timers

Source: I am trying to figure out how I can make it where when someone (owner) presses the start button a countdown appears for 3 seconds and everyone gets teleported to a seperate spawn location. It is for a game - #22 by rob

But i am currently trying to see/figure out if its possible to make some adjustments to it so that there is always 1 spawn that always will be used (but with a different person spawning on it plus what i am working on needs 1 team to spawn in an enclosed area and the others freely)

Had the idea of instead making it random letting it go by order but that might created it in such a way that the people might not spawn random but the same way constantly which isn’t what i want to end up with

Hence why i thought of going over to the forums and seek some help with this.

I thought that i might would need to add something to the teleporting event but i wouldn’t currently know what i would need to add/change to it in order to get this from the ground.