Needing help with an avatar

Hello i needing help making an avatar i want a cool anime wolf boy avatar but I’m terrible making one i don’t have the patience and knowings to make one but here is the tricky part i don’t have the money to buy one if there is someone who can help me doing it for free i appreciate it and please I’m playing on quest so can u use textures for quest

Did some googling and found this free base that you might want to use. Emo Wolf Boy + All Packs (SubCom) - TDA - Purple Emporium

to boot here is a great tutorial on avatar editing to get you started - Lesson 1: How to Create your first Custom VRChat Avatar 2020 - YouTube

Creating avatars isn’t that bad once you learn the mechanics of blender and unity.

Yeah but don’t have an account and signing up isn’t free

well in that case google “free vrchat avatar base” and look around, the website i linked is not the only site, there’s deviantart, gumroad, turbosquid, etc there are many places to get vrchat models you just need to do some research.