Need help with this issue

:astonished: RIP anything less than a RTX 4090

The shader compiler is crashing. The reason for this is not clear from what you have provided, but there is probably some low level information in the Windows Event Viewer. Here are some things you can try:

  • Switch to a different shader (e.g. the VRChat Mobile Diffuse) and see if that works. If so, there may be something wrong with that version of Poiyomi
  • Try a different version of Poiyomi
  • Try reinstalling Unity
  • Upgrade/reinstall video card drivers.
  • Try uploading a much simpler avatar and see if that works.

How did you know I have a 4090? but yes im trying all that right now

I changed all the materials that the avatar uses to standard and the Unity Shader Compiler is still crashing. So we can rule poi out correct?

Update. I deleted Poi out of the package and the upload went thru. Trying an older version of poi now.