Need help with errors

So I’m trying to upload this avatar, but for some reason whenever I go under the SDK to try to upload the avatar under the ‘builder’ tab nothing shows up for me to upload. Under the console tab, I see that I’m getting a Null Reference Exception. I’m unsure of what this is but when I click on it, it brings up C# code and telling me that the ‘NewMethod’ needs to be changed. I change it to ‘NewMethod1’ and still the same problem. Am I getting something wrong? I’m just doing what is being suggested.

Pictures help.
Also, Null Reference Exception means something is “Null”, aka, it’s empty.
This usually happens when your avatar has missing scripts which you should remove.
Or a script with missing things inside of it.

This is the error I’m getting.Seems to be the sdk but I’m still unsure