Need help with an error with uploading

I’m getting the problem of Unity application is running… stop it to access the control panel

Click the Play button at the top-centre of the Unity screen to stop it running.

It’s keeps running every time I try publishing

You need to finish the last steps in Unity itself. Click the ‘Game’ tab (should be next to the ‘Scene’ tab) and you should see an interface asking you to name and describe your avatar. The final Upload button will be on this screen too.

Nope on user interface

Anything in the log? When I click build button, I get that message on the sdk panel, but it’s fine, I click over to a tab that is named something like Game, or Gams, and on that there tab it has a form to fill out with things like the name of the avatar and a description, and some checkboxes.

I occasionally get like a white grey mess, but it’s like the game tab is zoomed in, so I mouse wheel the scale back to 1x and then I can see stuff.

Show us the game tab and the sdk window in the same screenshot?