Need help with add item on avatar

hello, could someone help me, about adding items to my avatar, i added a pair of horns to my character, fixed it as shown in any simple tutorial, uploaded the avatar to VRSDK2 as I did with previous ones, but in the game the added item is simply not there, the avatar originally appears, as in the previous version as if I had never added anything to him. Does anyone know what can it be?

Try changing to a different avatar, then back to the one you just updated.

If it’s still not updating, make sure you have the right Unity version and that there are no errors in the console.

Wrong unity version will upload it, but the client won’t see it because it’s the wrong version. If there are errors in the console while uploading, it may act like it has finished uploading, but actually errored out and canceled the upload.

I suppose checking to make sure you have the right pipeline ID set is also worthwhile.