Need help on my avatar appearence on Quest

So I have this avatar I commissioned a few months ago and had someone else help me upload it who made the avatar compatible with PC and Quest, but when I use the avatar on Quest, the model color starts to look different and off from what it is supposed to look like and feet are like missing the toes and sandals too.

The image below is so you can see the difference, the avatar on PC is how it is supposed to look but on Quest the avatar just appears odd. The guy who uploaded the avatar for me did try to fix it and told me he was going to do some modification or something because of some polygons and other stuff (sadly I lost my messages with him since I lost my discord account), but he never responded again. I was wondering if there is anyone who can help me with this, it has been bothering me for awhile.

Reach out to me through the discord :slight_smile:
discord: stellarobert_

lets have a chat on discord :freddie0584

If you are still in need of help add me on discord (ayommy_avi)