My world won't upload for some reason

My world won’t upload for some reason. I was working on my world and then suddenly I wasn’t able to update it. It got to loading (after I had put in the name and “I’m allowed to upload this”) and sometimes would just stop and say that it’s “unable to upload, because couldn’t delete previous version” or something along those lines. After that I decided to just try and make the world completely again from scrats. This time the vrc control panel looked a bit off, but I can’t really say how (It’s like somethings missing, but idk what) again I got to uploading it and the the new world creation screen looked completely wrong. It had things it didn’t have before like show worlds in menu or I had to check box the world to be active (it didn’t have these things before) and when I tried to upload the world it wouldn’t even start loading. I tried downloading a new version of the sdk and imported it with the instructions vrc gave, but nothing changed. I have no idea what is even wrong. Unity won’t even give me any error messages and I’m able to test the world normally. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?