My trust ranking seems lower than it ought to be based on my use history. Any advice for raising it?

Prior to the introduction of the community labs feature, I had two public worlds with a combined total of 160,000+ visits, yet I’m currently still ranked as a ‘new user’.

Is there any way to increase my rank so that I can contribute more content?

Sorry for the non-Udon-specifc question.

your worlds might not count if they were never community labs so maybe upload a new one and labs it, ya also need at least a certain amount of friends, ~50+ total should suffice. or upload an avatar to raise your rank

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The problem right now is that my rank is too low to submit to Community Labs.

It’s odd, because I also have over 50 friends.

I guess I’ll try uploading some avatars.

Is your account linked to Steam or Oculus?
I heard that that is a requirement (or just helps) for ranking up. I’m not sure if that’s true or not. No one seems to truly know how to rank up reliably.
The other thing I’ve heard is that game time helps but idle game time doesn’t count. So maybe try to play for a while and frequently switch rooms and use your mic.
I’m only a new user, but I became one after a few days of playing and less than 10 friends. But I was switching rooms a lot in the time I played before that.

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I was able to raise my level to “User” (green rank).
It seems like mic on time in public worlds was the key factor for me.
The number of users present simultaneously didn’t seem to matter since I was just with one other player.

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