My Avatar wont upload

for some reason i don’t have an uploaded tab in vrchat! im not sure if my unity is just saving weird. i am logged into the correct account (as i dont have any others) am on the vrchat account version it wont even show on web! the test models show in other! but i cant get the concrete model shown anywhere any help? im using the unity version picked out by the currently supported section and the vr creation companion! every so often when i press build and upload itll give me a prefab or will let me do the regular set up tell me to launch vr chat but than it just will not be there… itll also sometimes give me a file selection to save in?

I’m a little confused with your overall explanation - it sounds like there are a few things happening here - but let’s focus on the upload piece.

The first thing to check would be your VRChat user ranking. You need to have a rank of User in order to be allowed to upload avatars or worlds.

The second thing assuming you have sufficient rank is to see if your avatar has a valid VRC Avatar Descriptor attached to it.