My avatar won't play any animations

So when I import my roblox avatar into vrchat it won’t play any animations. But only stays in a t-pose. Does anybody knows how to fix this problem? If so thanks.

The avatar is probably not set to Humanoid in Unity.


So I put the avatar into a humanoid and if I put it as create from this model it’ll give me this warning saying “this avatar is not imported as a humanoid rig”. same with putting it as copy from this model it says the same thing.

Avatar definition should be set to “Create from this model” currently it’s not set to humanoid as it’s trying to do it from a different avatar but there is no avatar set.

Your import settings should look like this.

If you see import errors you may need to click configure and make sure everything is in the correct place.

Okay. But now it says it needs a animator. When I put the animator on it says it’s not a humanoid. Also when I got the animations from mixamo it won’t even play on my roblox avatar. I don’t know if I am missing something with the model bc I did use the RBX Animations addon and CATS Plugin with the model in blender. I think I am missing a step.

The avatar could be missing bones.

K thanks, I’ll fix that and see if it works now