My avatar unexpectedly elevates to a high position at first sitting after joining any world

Does anybody know a workaround of the issue below, or face a similar problem?

When I sit on any object very first time after I join/rejoin any world with the avatar, I jump up suddenly and sit down there. This happens with every world, every object you can sit, both PCVR and Quest 2, but only the avatar.

I bought the avatar and customized it in some ways, but as far as I remember, this has happened since I bought the avatar and imported as it was.
I already reported the issue to its creator’s community. Other players also seem to have the same problem, but nobody knows how to handle it including the creator.

Video: Mochi-kun is soaring up in the air!!! - YouTube
Avatar: Mochi Avatar もち - redpandas - BOOTH (Paid content, though)

Hello I just come across your post here can we do discussion about what you are looking for

You can hit me on discord @Toshinett

Why would everybody tell me to send them a DM on discord? I received not only a reply to this thread, but also a PM asking me to do that.

I’m new here, but replies seem to be sufficient for the moment I guess.

Did it come with animator controllers? A closer look at the controller used for sitting may help. Look for the state that temporarily adjusts the view point.

Thanks for your reply @Foptop.

What you pointed is [VRC Avatar Descriptor (Script) > Playable Layers > Special > Sitting], right?

It seemed to be [Default Sitting] originally. I tried changed it into [vrc_AvatarV3SittingLayer] and [vrc_AvatarV3SittingLayer2]. It changed the sitting pose, but didn’t solve the soaring-up problem.

Actually I’m not familiar with avatar customization so that I didn’t even known how to change the sitting animation. So any clue would be welcomed.

Have you tried enabling/disabling “Apply Root Motion” in the Inspector of your avatar? It might not do anything, but it’s worth trying.

Could you add a screenshot of the hierarchy of your avatar?

(I’d probably have to buy the avatar to get a better look at it :sweat_drops: )

I tried disabling “Apply Root Motion”, but nothing’s changed.

Here are the Inspector images. If you need some other information, I’d share them.

Thanks for your contribution.

hello there!

i have the same issue, i make my stuff from sketch from blender to unity
that same issue happened but the story of why is confusing

In my case once i export my Avatar all god sits correctly and heaving adding gogoloco
the interesting thing happens once adding the materials/shader
i used “vrc moble Toon” and that makes it go up and most recently “Poiyomi Toon Shader”

issue gets fix after switching material or turning off shader

I’m also stuck in the same issue tho but that is some fixes i had to go

Thanks for sharing your situation. I’m busy right now so that it may take some time though, I’ll dig into it and share the result.

I tried changing the materials to None, but it didn’t work. I’ll update the thread if I find any
other solution. Thanks again!