Multiple scenes? Entering rooms in the same world

I’ve been in worlds where a door has a ‘use’ action that then fades the player into a new area (room) Is this done with async scene loading? (is it possible to have multiple scenes and in a VRChat world using SDK3?)
Or is it just a way to handle gameobject.SetActive to turn on/off large parts of the environment (for optimisation). If so, how is the fade handled?

Any help or advice would be much appreciated

Got an answer from CyanLaser on the VRChat discord:

Vrchat worlds must be contained in one scene. There is no way to load another one without just going through a portal.
The fade effect can be achieved either with post processing or just an overlay shader. In the devouring, I put a box on player’s head and then animated an overlay shader (renders on top of everything) to black out the screen.

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