Multiple radial parameters on a toggleable prop not working properly

for context, i have a rigged prop of a spyglass with 4 rotating rings that can be rotated with radial puppets so i can rotate each ring individually in game at will
(i hope to have special animations with it but thats for another time)

the main issue im having is that the animator controllers blend trees are manipulating the wrong ring. the 1st and 2nd ring work fine but the 3rd ring also triggers the 2nd rings rotation by making it fully rotate in only one frame when the blend tree is set to 1. the same applies with the 4th ring but it triggers the 3rd ring.

all the parameters and menus are set to the same prop and all the rings have their own roation animations.

this may also apply to any prop that has multiple animations set to it with toggles or puppets but im not entirely sure.

and to clear any possible issues ive already fixed,
the animator layer weights are set to 1
the parameter names are exact
all the animations needed to rotate the rings have a default animation with no rotation in the blend tree
the parameters are set to float and not int

also if anyone knows how to make longer animations for toggleable props that’ll help a lot.

and thats about it.

This is some low-hanging fruit, but have you made sure none of the rings are parent/child of other rings?

If it’s set up like this, rotating anything higher up the heirarchy is also going to rotate the children:

  • Ring1
    • Ring2
      • Ring3
        • Ring4

Might need a shot of the animator setup. One downside of the power of avatars 3.0 is that it’s pretty complicated to troubleshoot without seeing an example. ;p

The spyglass is parented to an armature with the rings having individual bones. each bone that controls a ring is only parented to the main spyglass bone. i made sure of it when making the rig in blender. the spyglass is just one mesh with the bone weights being carefully made in blender.

i appreiate the attempt and ill get a couple screenshots of my unity file.