Multigate, delay and array question

Hello, so im used to unreal engine first off so the names of stuff in here is tricky.

Is there a multigate? If so what is the name of it? The flow of code is tricky without it for me.

Is there a simple delay node? If so what is it called?

For my array question, i might be doing something wrong but i dont know how to add an element to an empty array.
Lets say its a string. Every time i set the array and add a string to the array it breaks the code and stops punching though. It also breaks the script and i cant trigger the script again lol.
Anything after the set doesent work, even a sequence block doesn’t work.
Also it works fine when i manually add entries but that doesn’t work for what i want to do.
Am i doing something wrong?

Thanks for ya time :smiley:

I believe the more traditional term for multigate is a “switch” but in any case, no, udon graphs do not expose that as an option. You’ll have to use branches.

Delays can be accomplished with the “sendcustomeventdelayedseconds” node. This doesn’t just delay the following execution though, you have to create an event that will receive it.

Arrays cannot be dynamically resized, so you cannot “add” an element. You need to use a constructor to create a new array with whatever length you need. If necessary, you can copy all the values over from the old array into the new array.

Thanks mate.
I thought up a few work arounds for a multigate(switch).
I have found that delay node. That was my work around node for a count down timer :smiley:
Oke thats good, that will work perfectly and now i should be able to get somthing going.

I might post a few examples of my progress later to help others.