Mouth doesn't move with custom base layer, tail either

Hi! I got a couple of problems with my locomotion animation.
I modified a duplicate of the vrc_StandingLocomotion blend tree with my idle and swimming animations, I added it to a duplicated vrc_AvatarV3LocomotionLayer and used it on the base layer. By doing this the animations work but the mouth visemes don’t work when I talk.
I tried using the additive layer but the same happens

The second problem is the tail doesn’t move either, I think it has to be related to not being bones of a humanoid rig.
I already activated the tail bones on Animation > Clips > Mask > Transform. And they look fine on the Unity preview, but not on VRC.

I searched for a solution on google but I don’t find a similar problem.

Maybe a weird question, but did you remember to setup the tracking control on your avatar?

Your animation might be overriding your tracking stuff as a result.

I tried with both Tracking and Animation options but there is no difference. The mouth only appears to move with the jaw option, not with visemes.

give gesture manager a shot and check in play mode what your animation states are doing.

Another thing that it might be, but probably isn’t is the masks

Thanks for the tool! It will help me to save a lot of time in the future. But it just keeps the same. What should I exactly check here?

As for the mask, there isn’t any

when you’re in play mode (the play button at the top) click on the gesture manager on the left to activate it.

Under the tracking tab you can see if anything is overriding the normal tracking.

If for example I force myself in the seated position. I can see that I lose my hip and leg tracking (because they’re being overridden by the animation)

If as another example I mess up and forget to setup my masks I can see that whenever I trigger my gestures my tracking gets overwritten

Oh, okay! I checked the four states and the only one where the mouth & jaw gets overwrited is the AFK. After all day trying to look for a solution I think I’m about to give up for the mouth visemes and use just the jaw.
Any ideas of why the tail doesn’t move?

Tail issue solved! I added the tail animations on the FX layer.