Most avatars are pink

this doesn’t seem to be an issue with my friends, but almost all the avatars in vrchat are completely pink/purple and i have no idea how to fix it.

You should take a picture or screenshot.

Unity uses the color magenta when a shader has an error.

If I had this happen to me I’d do the following,.

  • join a fairly well known world privately. Specifically VRChat home, or black cat, or maybe “avatar test chamber”.

  • Try a few avatars, pick one that is public and might be in prismics avatar search. Take a picture with one of these.

The idea behind the well known world is to try and rule out the world as being the source of trouble, and have something consistent to check.

  • I’d complete power off my PC, and then try again. Maybe it’s transient issue.

  • Assuming it’s not, look at dxdiag for information about the video card, what you want is the information on the “display” tab

I wonder what the issue looks like.

If you’re playing Quest alone the PC mumbo jumbo doesn’t matter, and if you’re comparing what something looks like, make sure you’re asking someone on the same platform.

Could be wonky hardware, world, or avatars, or maybe it’s just bad drivers on windows

My personal favorite source of trouble is windows deciding that an old driver for the display is better than a current one. Go over to nvidia or AMD, update drivers, yay.